What Is Dental Crown

A dental crown generally installed on the teeth to restore teeth that form is not intact, which is caused by the process of caries (tooth decay disease), broken, eroded or other causes. Crown is also used to improve the shape of the teeth were too small, abnormal position of teeth, the tooth color is not good. Still, there are some specific things that can be solved by placing a crown on the tooth. To restore the cavities with the crown, the teeth must be sharpened in some parts to prepare a place for the crown in order to have sufficient thickness. The thickness of the crown must be sufficient to withstand the pressure of chewing. But it also should not be too thick so that when the lower and upper jaw clenched, crown no prior contact with the opposing teeth compared to other teeth. That is why you need a professional and experienced dentist to help you installing crown at Ajax Dental, North Harwood Clinic.

Because of its function to restore the teeth, crowns also can improve the position of the teeth is not in place. By sharpening the teeth stand out more and on the other a little more, the crown can be mounted more toward the inside so that the gear position correction. If the teeth are too small to pose a sizeable gap between the teeth, installing crown will make the teeth look nice and the food is not easily slipping between the teeth. Currently, the crown can be made of various materials, depending on needs. When the tooth crown is to be fitted front teeth, the aesthetic factor is the first consideration, because it must be made of materials that can mimic the color of teeth. Materials are now available in the market are acrylic, porcelain, and porcelain-coated metal. Acrylic can mimic the color of teeth, the price is not too expensive, but easy to change color and eroded due to the process of chewing. While porcelain can mimic the color of teeth, not easy to change color and are not eroded by chewing prose.