What Are the Differences between SEO and SEM?

These days, the popularity of the internet marketing has kept increasing. The reason behind it is the advance of the internet. Now, the internet has been made a lot easier to be accessed so that there are more people who are able to use the internet. It means that each of the contents posted on the internet will have a chance to be accessed by more people. Realising this, a lot of business owners have started to take advantage of it by promoting their businesses on the internet. It is what is meant by internet marketing.

To market their businesses on the internet, there are several options each of the business owners can choose. Some of them are by promoting themselves and hiring services like it services bellevue to manage their internet promotions. In terms of the technique or system, there are also several options they can choose from and some of them are namely SEO and SEM. Even though both SEO and SEM are techniques and systems used to do the internet marketing, there are several differences that make both of them different from one another; the explanation, then, will be in the following.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is a series of processes which are carried out systematically in order to improve the volume and quality of the visitor traffic through a search engine to a specific website by utilising the mechanism of action or the search engine algorithms.

As for SEM or Search Engine Marketing, it is a marketing technique of products on the website of the business by paying an advertising company that offers these services. Ads that appear may include images, animations, video, and text. One example of the SEM is Google Adwords which displays your ads on the search engines with specific keywords. For the Google Adwords, the placement of the ads will be located above the search results or on the right side of the search results, and at the bottom of the navigation menu near the search results page.