Minimize The Damage of Your Cracked Windshield

Have you ever experienced unlucky occurrence when you’re walking around with a favorite car suddenly a hard object hitting your windshield or a variety of other events that cause the windshield is cracked? If so, what would you do next? You need to know a small crack on the windshield of the car can be spread if not corrected, while large cracks could affect your vision. For more details, you can try this steps to minimize the damage to your car windshield.

1. If you wish to continue driving a car with a broken windshield condition before repair, make sure the crack no bigger than 12 inches, more undo your intention when driving because it can interfere with vision.

2. Contact a specialist auto glass or windshield, do not go to a general mechanic to repair the windshield, use the auto glass repair specialist.

3. Protect cracks of dirt, impurities that get into the cracks of the glass can impact on the more difficult to fix the glass, place a small piece of tape over the cracks, but make sure you do not block the view.

4. Extreme temperatures are not very good for a cracked windshield, to the glass away from the hot sun. Recom- temperature extremes can cause the growth of new cracks.

5. Do not turn on the air conditioner directly on the highest temperature or too cold, so that the warmth in the car flat gradually.

6. Avoid washing the car, because the water on the cracked areas can cause further cracking.

7. Reduce the beat, avoid slamming the door when going into or out of the car, beat or extra pressure can cause cracks to spread.

I hope this article can help you to minimize the damaged of your crack windshield. You can always contact our auto glass specialist in Arizona Auto Glass to help you replace your cracked windshield.