Laser Engraving Vs Laser Cutting: What is a difference?

Have you ever thought about the differences between a laser engraver and a laser cutter? If you are a person who works in printing company or carving industry, you might have thought about it and know the differences between laser engraver and a laser cutter. Conversely, If you haven’t worked in the carving industry, you might not know it yet. So, what are the differences? Are these the same machine? Before you asking about it, have you already know the laser machine? In this modern time, the laser machine is manufactured in different types such as fibre laser or CO2 laser cutter. Many people think that these machines have the same functions and features, whereas it is not truly true. Therefore, we know the laser engraving and laser cutting.

The main difference between the laser engraving and laser cutting is on the lens used in the machine. Typically, a laser engraving machine uses a shorter focal lens better carving on the materials. The laser engraving machine will work perfectly to make such a photo image on a piece of wood. On the other hands, a laser cutting machine uses the longer lens working perfectly to cut the thicker material which has the thickness 20mm or above.

In general, both laser engraving and laser cutting work with the same ways or methods, which is a method of cutting metal and non-metal material such as wood, arc lytic, or aluminium. A laser engraving is a laser used to make the best quality engraving on the same materials with the lower power making a perfect product. While, a laser cutter is a laser used to make a perfect cut on the material with higher power than laser engraving. It can make a high standard to cut material but slightly menial to engrave material, especially for wooden materials.