How to Check Damages on a Computer

Physical damage to the computer can be detected and fixed. One of the ways to do so is to check and find problems with the inspection of each device by sequentially according to the order system works. As the owner of the computer, you can do the checking by yourself, yet it is actually better to ask a professional on this matter like a computer repairer to provide the services like the Computer Services Auckland. The sequence of steps to improve the PC, in general, is as follows:

– Check the main power supply cable connections and the DC voltage cables.
– Check the keyboard cable connection.
– Check the monitor cable connection and the monitor power cable.
– Check the CMOS configuration settings
– Check the data cables and drive power connections of the cables
– Check all the cards and boards in the slot I / O
– Check the switch to reset the connection
– Check the position of the lock of the keyboard
– Check all of the IC
– Check the boot disk in drive A
– Check the connection of the speaker